The Oral-Systemic Link

Protecting your mouth and body!

What is Oral-Systemic Health?

Your oral health is more important than you realize!

At Lobo DDS, we’re interested in more than just your oral health. We also want to help you improve your whole-body health. Studies have shown the significant impact oral wellness can have on protecting against serious health risks. How?

The same bacteria that impact your oral health by causing tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to other serious health conditions. These bacteria enter the bloodstream from the mouth and travel to other parts of the body as damage-causing inflammation. This transference from the mouth to the body is known as the oral-systemic link.

Protecting your oral health also protects your whole-body health!

What are the Health Risks Associated with Poor Oral Health?

Here are just a few of the serious diseases linked to oral bacteria.

How Does the Team at Lobo DDS Safeguard Your Health?

At Lobo DDS, we’ll educate you how to keep your smile—and your body—healthy. Dr. Lobo became a dentist to help her patients become advocates for their oral and overall health, and she feels patient education is the key to accomplishing this goal. She'll communicate clearly with you, show you what is going on with your smile, and outline any treatments needed. It's your decision what steps you want to take - you are always in control of your treatment.

We’re ready to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile while making your treatment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. How?

  • Overcoming your fears: Just let us know what we need to do to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire appointment, and we'll do it!
  • Financial help: We do accept most PPO insurances and CareCredit, and we’ll do what we can to work within your budget.
  • Long-term team: Most of our team members have been together for 20 years. We know our patients' needs and preferences.
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FAQs About the Oral-Systemic Link

Get the answers below.

Is gum disease the only oral health problem that affects the rest of the body?

No, it isn't. Some of the other oral conditions that impact whole-body health include oral cancer, oral airway and sleep apnea, and TMJ. Each of these causes negative effects that significantly impact a person's overall health.

Regularly scheduled dental visits with Dr. Lobo will ensure the healthy function and condition of your teeth, gums, and jaws.

Is bad breath a sign of gum disease?

Chronic bad breath is definitely a bad sign which can indicate oral tissue break down and disease. Generally, attempts to mask it with mouthwash won't cure bad breath or get rid of the bacteria which causes it.

It's important to see Dr. Lobo right away if you are experiencing persistent bad breath. She will be able to remove the bacteria build-up that is causing the problem and restore your mouth to vibrant oral health again.

What can I do to protect my health?

There are definite steps you can take to protect your oral and body health.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss daily to help remove plaque, the sticky film of bacteria that get stuck between your teeth and under your gums.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for a checkup and professional cleaning to help prevent any problems and detect possible problems in their early stages.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, which will help you maintain a healthier immune system, help prevent heart disease, and slow diabetes disease progression.
  • If you smoke, quit!
Protect Your Oral and Whole-Body Health!
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