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“Hello! My name is Erin C Lobo Marwah, and I’m a dentist in Torrance CA. I’ve personally heard people talk about how they don’t trust healthcare providers because they've felt misheard and didn’t know what’s going on. It’s my goal to change that. I invite you to visit our team - let’s work together to figure out what works best for your needs.”

Dr. Lobo became a dentist to help individuals become advocates for their oral and overall health. She does this by creating a calm and comfortable environment, visually showing you what is going on with your smile, and having an honest conversation on why you should pursue treatment. It's your decision what steps you want to take - no strings attached.

Dr. Lobo has an extensive background in dentistry:

  • Worked in various private and corporate dental practices in Southern California
  • Dentist for Native American Health Center (NAHC), a health center serving the needs of homeless and low-income patients
  • Adjunct faculty member of Lutheran Medical College and University of Pacific

Meet Dr. Lobo

Torrance Family Dentistry You Can Trust

With Dr. Lobo and our team of dental professionals always by your side, we’re ready to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile you’re proud of. This includes making your visit as easy as possible. How is this done?

Overcoming your fears: We’ll do everything possible to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your entire appointment. If you’re experiencing dental phobia, our atmosphere is very calm and our team adapts to your needs. Just let us know what we need to do to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire appointment. For those who need an extra boost, we can bring in an anesthesiologist.

Adapting to your financial needs: We do accept most PPO insurances, CareCredit, and offer discounts to patients who pay treatment in full. Give us a call, and we’ll do what we can to work within your budget.

Long-term team: We know our patients. Most of our team members have been helping Torrance smile for more than 20 years. We’ve watched families grow and know everyone by their first names. If you decide to make LOBO DDS your dental provider, rest assured you’ll be a part of our dental family for life.

Quality, Affordable, Dental Care From Your Dentist In Torrance CA

As your trusted family dentist in Torrance, seeing you leave our office happy, feeling confident with your smile and oral health, means the world to us. We believe in using noninvasive and preventive care for your long-term success. This approach allows our team to prevent small issues from becoming bigger problems, possibly minimizing your future costs. Our office works as a team by addressing your needs first with a high level of expertise. Along with preventive dentistry, we offer other life-changing procedures, including Invisalign, dental implants, veneers, and so much more. Click on an option below to learn more about our full range of services

Our dentist is a proud provider of Invisalign clear aligner treatments. Invisalign is a convenient alternative to metal braces. Invisalign is comfortable to wear, and patients who use it are more confident when they smile.

Invisalign works by aligning your teeth gradually. When an aligner finishes shifting the placement of your teeth, it is replaced by a new aligner. Each patient goes through a series of aligners until their teeth are perfectly straightened! You'll be amazed by the way your teeth look when your Invisalign treatments are complete!
Crowns (caps)
Dental crowns are essentially hollowed tooth structures. Dental crowns encapsulate damaged teeth or can be attached to dental implants. Dental crowns are an alternative to fillings and bondings.

There are many kinds of dental crowns, though the most popular kind is a porcelain crown. Crowns are extremely durable and reliable. Their longevity can span years or even decades. We create custom crowns to match the shape and color of your natural-looking teeth.
Dentures and partials
If a patient has lost many teeth, dentures become an affordable option. Dentures replace partial or full sets of teeth. They function like normal teeth while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Lobo will prescribe the use of dentures whenever a patient may need them. Dr. Lobo and her hygienist will teach you how to clean and maintain your dentures, as well as how to keep them in place.
Dental implants
When the root and structure of a missing tooth is compromised, dental implants are an prescribed for patients who want to restore their smile. Dental implants attach and integrate with the jaw to create a new foundation for dental crowns. Dr. Lobo is an expert in providing this full-service treatment.
Dental emergencies
Dental emergencies can be frightening and painful. Prompt treatment is almost always required to alleviate pain and ensure that the teeth have the best possible chance of survival.

Accidents happen, and sometimes it can take the form of trauma to the face and jaw. In other cases, fillings, crowns, and dental enhancements can be damaged or displaced completely. The pain caused by dental emergencies almost always gets worse without treatment. and dental issues can lead to serious health problems. If you are experiencing severe pain, to visit your dentist as quickly as possible!
Porcelain veneers
Veneers are very thin pieces of durable, tooth shaped porcelain, custom made by a professional dental ceramicist. Veneers are bonded onto the surface of your teeth to create a beautiful and attractive smile.

Veneers completely reshape your teeth and smile. They are often used as alternatives to crowns and are the ideal solution to treating many dental conditions. Consult with Dr. Lobo to see if Veneers are right for you!

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Our dental practice offers comprehensive dental care in the convenience of one location utilizing the latest techniques in Family, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry. We are located in Torrance, California and serve nearby cities such as Redondo Beach, Lomita, San Pedro, and Rancho Palos Verdes. What’s waiting for you at LOBO DDS?

Emphasis on Prevention: We’re not a “drill and fill practice.” We believe prevention is the core of dentistry. In fact, we love it! During your appointments with us, we’ll provide oral hygiene instructions and give our advice on how to improve your oral care routine. As we like to say, “Brush! Floss! Or pay the cost!”

Calm, Energetic Atmosphere: It’s our mission to establish a long-lasting relationship with every patient, which means we do everything possible to gain your trust and comfort. Laughter and upbeat conversations are often heard throughout the office while we deliver dentistry to help you smile for life.

High-quality Dental Care: No matter your situation, you can always expect a gentle touch and a hand to squeeze from our team. We strive in delivering outstanding dental care, so your care lasts for a lifetime. If you’re in need of a specialist, we’ll work very closely with them to ensure your care is top-notch and nothing falls through the cracks.

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